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vluv team

That's what's behind Vluv. 


The idea

Healthy sitting means active sitting. Things started rolling about 30 years ago with the use of PVC exercise balls in many offices and homes. But exercise balls had disadvantages. They rolled away, were sticky, unwieldy and unsightly. With VLUV , we have been revolutionizing the market since the beginning of 2015, turning a rubber ball into a comfortable piece of seating furniture and minimalist design object. Since then, we have become the world's leading supplier of air-filled seating.

Vluv Gebäude Collage

the story

The company was founded in 2009 byKristof Hock, inventor and owner. He started at home at the living room table. An old moped shed was production site and warehouse at the same time. Today, our team has grown to 7 employees, and the trend is rising. Our company headquarters with extensive office and warehouse space is idyllically located in a more than 100 year old factory, 40km east of Cologne. Here we develop, design and distribute our stylish products for ergonomics, movement and sports.

Our values

HOCK Design is an owner-managed family business. We place as much emphasis on aesthetics, quality and sustainability as we do on a relaxed working atmosphere. What we do, we do with pleasure. We pay attention to the most sustainable detailed solutions possible in all areas. Our manufacturers are strictly selected according to quality, environmental and social standards such as ISO or BSCI certification. Our fabrics have without exception Oekotex100 standard. Our packaging is constantly being improved. For example, at the beginning we used 6 plastic bags when we introduced our BOL seatballs and now we have reduced this to only one absolutely indispensable one.

the vluv kiosk

warehouse sale

You want to experience us live and regionally on site and try out all our products? Then come and visit us, we have prepared a showroom for you and also offer a wide range of special models and discounts.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri from 9 am to 5 pm

Address: VLUV, Merten Park, Kaiserstraße 150, 52643 Gummersbach

(To be on the safe side, contact us in advance via chat, email, or phone if you're coming from farther away to make sure we're definitely open that day).